Getting your solar-powered planter up and running requires three simple steps. First, remove the protective plastic piece covering the solar cap. Second, remove the battery tab, located in the battery access panel. Finally, place your SolaRadiance® planter in direct sunlight.

step one

Step 1. Peel the plastic layering off the top of the solar light.

step two

Step 2. Unscrew the lid to the solar light, revealing the battery compartment. Pull the battery tab sticking out from underneath the battery and replace the solar light’s lid.

step three

Step 3. Open the bag of potting soil and pour all contents into the planter.

step four

Step 4. Plant all four flowers into the potting soil, spread evenly apart.

step five

Step 5. Connect the trellis (leaf-designed piece) to the planter using the clips on the bottom of the trellis. Once connected, place the solar light into the opening on top of the trellis.